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At Acadiana Treatment Center, our medically monitored detoxification program provides a safe and comfortable environment. Men and women rid their bodies of amphetamines, empowering themselves to achieve long-term recovery.

Importance of Amphetamine Detoxification

Importance of Detox from Amphetamines

The category of amphetamines covers a broad range of substances that can impact the brain in both potentially positive and negative ways. Prescription amphetamines, such as those that treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and sleep disorders, can greatly improve the lives of those who require these types of medications. Additionally, there are illicit amphetamines, such as methamphetamine, that can quickly cause a person to develop an addiction that necessitates treatment in order to overcome it.

Similar to other substances of abuse, an individual can become tolerant of amphetamines when they are consumed. The longer a person abuses this type of substance, the more likely it is that he or she will then need more of that particular amphetamine at an ongoing rate if some sort of care is not received. Furthermore, if an individual continues on this particular path of substance abuse, there is a high probability that the person will become chemically dependent on his or her drug of choice, and will be unable to function properly without it.

Those struggling with an addiction to amphetamines often grapple with uncomfortable and sometimes painful withdrawal symptoms in the event they drastically reduce or stop their use of these types of substances. While the withdrawal brought on by some drugs can be mild, amphetamine withdrawal can be life-threatening if not done under the watchful eye of trained medical professionals. Therefore, in the event a person wishes to end his or her amphetamine addiction, proper care should be sought.

Among the many options for care available, programs that offer detox are considered the most effective in treating amphetamine addiction. Within detox, individuals are able to get through the withdrawal process in a safe manner so that they are able to focus on other aspects of their recovery.

Benefits of Detox

Benefits of Detox from Amphetamines

Much can be gained by participating in a program that offers detox. Among the benefits that may be experienced, the following are those that can mean the difference between remaining addicted to amphetamines and becoming sober:

  • Those receiving detox are given ample support and medical supervision from staff who are trained to care for those going through amphetamine withdrawal. Given this fact, the health and safety of patients is preserved.
  • Most, if not all, programs that offer detox have a strict policy of being drug-free. Meaning that substances of abuse are not permitted onsite, which in turn protects patients from further abusing drugs.
  • If an individual begins to experience an adverse physical or psychological reaction during withdrawal, staff in the detox program can intervene when necessary so as to eliminate any distress that could occur.

These three benefits are but a few that participants in a detox program stand to gain. If you or an important person in your life would like to learn more about this invaluable service, do not hesitate to contact a program of your choosing to gather more information.

Why Detox at Acadiana

Why Choose Detox from Amphetamines at Acadiana Treatment Center in Louisiana

Sadly, there are individuals who do not seek treatment to defeat an amphetamine addiction, or they seek treatment that does not offer effective detox services. When this happens, a person is vulnerable to remaining addicted, experiencing an overdose, or losing his or her life as a result of this type of substance abuse.

For the aforementioned reasons, and more, it is imperative for an individual to seek out treatment that offers detox. In choosing to end your addiction to amphetamines, you will be making a life-changing choice that can offer you a lifetime of improved health and freedom from the destruction brought on by ongoing amphetamine use.

At Acadiana Treatment Center, we want to help you or someone you care about achieve the substance-free life that is deserving of all people. Our top notch therapeutic programming, coupled with our high-quality detox services, can assist you in making the changes needed to finally achieve recovery. To begin services at our center, you simply need to contact out admissions team to begin your initial assessment.

In choosing to come to Acadiana, you will be taking the first brave step towards a happy and sober life. We are here to help.

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I had been using Adderall to get ahead in school... until suddenly I couldn't focus without it and my grades started slipping. Acadiana helped me get my head straight and stay focused on school without being addicted to drugs. Now my grades are better than ever.

– Anonymous Patient
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