Heroin Detox Center in Louisiana

At Acadiana Treatment Center, our medically monitored detoxification program provides a safe and comfortable environment. Men and women rid their bodies of heroin, empowering themselves to achieve long-term recovery.

Importance of Heroin Detoxification

Importance of Detox from Heroin

The rising rates of opioid abuse currently found throughout the United States are in part comprised of an uptick in the number of individuals who are abusing heroin. When examining the cause for this unprecedented wave of heroin use, the sharp increase in the use of this deadly substance is thought to be correlated to new measures being put in place to limit the amount of legal prescription opioids doctors are dispensing.

For individuals who have developed an opioid dependence and who had become addicted to legal prescription painkillers, finding a source for these substances may have become more difficult of late. When this occurs, sadly, many turn to heroin as a replacement substance of abuse, especially in light of the fact that heroin has become cheaper and more readily available than prescription opioids in some places.

Heroin abuse is one of the most dangerous types of substance abuse, and as such, a heroin-dependent person will find that attempting to cease his or her drug abuse without professional help to be a harrowing process. Even those who truly wish to end the cycle of addiction will likely begin using again once the intense cravings and physiological discomforts set in when they attempt to stop using heroin without professional help. Fortunately, a safer option to end one’s dependence on heroin and other illicit substances exists.

By engaging in a multifaceted treatment program that provides supervised detoxification, or detox services, individuals can rid their systems of heroin and other drugs safely and in comfort.

Benefits of Detox

Benefits of Detox from Heroin

When you begin exploring options for treatment to overcome an addiction to heroin, choosing a program that offers comprehensive supports, which include detox services, will result in a myriad of benefits throughout the recovery process including:

  • Men and women no longer have access to heroin, or other substances of abuse, which can prevent relapse and further the recovery process along.
  • The process of withdrawal can be taken on safely. Given the level of supervision and monitoring that occurs when one is in detox, a person can withdrawal from heroin with minimal risk.
  • Individuals who receive detox services are afforded with ongoing support from qualified staff members who can also monitor the health and wellbeing of those in this level of care.
  • If necessary, a person can receive certain medications that can alleviate the pain and/or discomfort associated with withdrawal. This benefit can help a person get through this portion of recovery and advance on to the therapeutic aspect of treatment with little disruption.

Knowing that one can rid his or her body of heroin without facing the pain and upset of withdrawal might be helpful in motivating a person to engage with the care that could ultimately save his or her life. Making the choice to enter recovery is no small feat, and we applaud the brave men and women who choose to work towards ending their dependence on heroin and other substances of abuse.

Many individuals throughout the world have been able to overcome addiction with the help of detox supports and a well-rounded plan of care. But, sadly, not everyone is as fortunate. Without making the choice to enter treatment, a heroin-dependent person will likely continue down the deadly path of opioid abuse, with all the accompanying damages to one’s health and wellbeing only worsening overtime. If no interventions are put in place to halt the use of heroin, one will be unable to function to the highest potential in both personal and professional capacities.

Why Detox at Acadiana

Why Choose Detox from Heroin at Acadiana Treatment Center in Louisiana

In spite of the high rates of opioid abuse, many who abuse drugs like heroin often feel a profound sense of isolation due to their addictive behaviors. Some retreat socially, seeking to mask their chemical dependence from those who are close to them. But in truth, those who abuse heroin and other drugs are far from alone. And by choosing to engage in a treatment program like the one offered at Acadiana, one will soon find support from others who are traveling similar paths within the recovery community.

Located in Louisiana, Acadiana Treatment Center’s compassionate, professional staff have vast experience in the realm of opioid addiction, and they work to ensure that each person at our detox center has a treatment plan that reflects his or her strengths and challenges in working toward a substance-free life. The program offered at our detox center is designed to help men and women rid their minds and bodies of heroin and other harmful substances so that they can take the next steps in treatment with strength, stamina, and clarity.

If you would like to learn more about healing about Acadiana, including our options for support such as detox, we hope that you will contact us today. A brighter, heroin-free future can begin with a phone call today.

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My son, Jake, fell into heroin addiction. It was so hard for me to see my child in such a horrible state. I knew that if I didn't do anything.. I may lose him. So I forced him to go to Acadiana's addiction program. Their experts did something I could not... they convinced him that he needed to get sober. I don't know how they did it, but I am so grateful they did because now I have my boy back. He completed the program and has managed to turn his life around. Acadiana was absolutely the best decision I made and I would recommend them in a heart beat.

– Renee M.
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