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Acadiana Treatment Center helps individuals struggling with Klonopin addiction build a strong foundation for long-term recovery. Serving Louisiana, Acadiana is the premier provider of alcohol and drug abuse treatment for adults.

Learn More about Klonopin Addiction Recovery

Learn More About Klonopin Addiction Recovery at Acadiana Treatment Center

Klonopin is often viewed as a non-threatening drug in terms of abuse potential. After all, it helps you feel calmer, makes life easier and is legally prescribed to millions of people by physicians. You may hear about methamphetamines, inhalants such as paint thinner or glue or OxyContin abuse in the news, you rarely hear anything about benzodiazepines. And yet, it’s the benzodiazepines including Klonopin that has earned the second place spot, after pain medications like OxyContin, in the competition for most widely abused class of drugs in this country.

It is also easy to get as it is prescribed for numerous conditions in addition to anxiety and panic. It is also the most commonly prescribed medication for anxiety related withdrawal effects experienced with other addictive substances. Almost 30 million prescriptions are filled annually with more than 21 million people over the age of 12 admitting to misusing the substance to the point it negatively impacted their life.

Those who aren’t suffering from the effects of Klonopin addiction have a hard time imagining just how serious a toll it can have on a person’s life. Often thought of something people use to “take the edge off” similar to having a drink or two when you’ve had a particularly stressful day, the reality of Klonopin addiction is not even in this ballpark.

Klonopin has wreaked havoc on millions of lives and continues to do so despite supposed controls that should exist. Those who have never taken it have no idea just how addictive it is, or how quickly addiction can develop. Dependence on Klonopin often develops after only a few weeks of regular use. While it is intended only for short term use, 2-10 days on average, many doctors are willing to prescribe it on a long term basis. When physicians aren’t willing to renew the medication the results can be devastating. Those who haven’t experienced such an addiction aren’t aware of the panic which can ensue when a person who has become dependent on Klonopin is informed they will not receive another prescription. This can lead to frantically trying to find another physician who will prescribe the medication before the person’s supply runs out, and in some cases people become so desperate they will steal it from friends or family members who may be using it or turn to drug dealers if it’s the only way to obtain the drug.

Many people don’t understand how someone can become addicted to Klonopin or other sedative like drugs. If you have such an addiction you may have had to suffer through negative judgments of others suggesting you lack moral values, willpower, or self-control and implying you could stop using the drug if you just made the decision to change your behavior. They don’t understand how the long term abuse of Klonopin often results in the positive effects largely disappearing being replaced by sometimes feeling as if you’ve gotten your tongue stuck in an electric outlet or a sudden sensation as if your brain is on fire. The pain of others assuming the ability to stop taking this drug can lead to no longer associating with others until you feel estranged from most or all of your friends and family.

Countless others have been through what you are experiencing and understand the sensation of no longer being connected to life due to feeling like a zombie with limited emotions or just feeling numb combined with overwhelming anxiety no matter how high a dose you may be taking.

At Acadiana we have helped numerous people who were dependent on Klonopin, discover the road to recovery, regaining the life they’d lost when they became addicted without the need for any substance. If you have a Klonopin addiction, there is hope and we can help.

Why Seek Rehab?

Why Seek Rehab for Klonopin Addiction at Acadiana Treatment Center

Acadiana Treatment Center is known throughout the area as one of the leaders in drug addiction treatment. Yet that’s not what makes us truly special. Our Residential Program is housed in an idyllic home-like building providing the perfect setting for starting your path to recovery away from the stress and trials of everyday life. Here, surrounded by our caring and empathetic staff, you can concentrate on your rehabilitation process without intrusions. Within our nurturing environment, you will work with your treatment team to create a customized and individual treatment plan that meets your specific needs including any co-occurring problems that may exist. At Acadiana we know how difficult the psychological withdrawal from opioids can be and how you may feel as if you won’t be able to function in the outside world without them. We will help you rebuild your confidence and realize a sense of self-worth, accomplishment and pride in what you’ve accomplished in your life as well as in relation to the progress you’re making with us. The first step to seeking treatment is always the hardest and we are aware of this. We will always treat you with respect and safeguard your dignity, helping you to be able to recognize your own strengths and abilities and learn to use them in pursuit of a happy fulfilling life. While you may feel as if there is no hope of ever feeling better or regaining control of your life, at Acadiana we can help you perceive the possibilities that are all around you and work towards recovery such that you can turn these possibilities into reality.

Our Philosophy

Program Philosophy & Benefits of Klonopin Addiction Rehab

At Acadiana we know that as far as treatment is concerned one size doesn’t fit all. We pride ourselves in staying up to date on the latest treatments available for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. We are committed to seeing you as a whole person, not simply as a collection of symptoms which are in need of eradicating. As opposed to seeing you as someone who will need to learn how to cope with their problem for the rest of their life, we see you as someone who has infinite strengths and abilities with which to create the life you choose to live. We are here to provide you with as many tools as possible to unveil this resiliency within you and show you how to use it to help shield you from stress while you begin to appreciate all that the world has to offer. It is important to us that when you move on you have a complete understanding of the various issues you have begun to address with us so you can travel the full path leading wherever you want to go, knowing you can do so without the need to rely on any substance. We will help put you back in control of your life, while also showing you how to appreciate the unpredictable surprises life brings with it.


Learn About the Treatment Approaches We Use for Klonopin Addiction at Acadiana

At Acadiana we know not everyone is the same and won’t respond to the exact same treatment plan. We offer a variety of options that will be put together to create an individualized plan that is altered and updated as needed. Our treatments include:

Detox – For individuals who need it, medically monitored detox is available. We provide the safest and most humane methods available and ensure you have plenty of support as you work to free your body of toxins and chemicals.

Individual therapy – We know that everyone has personal issues they prefer discussing one on one with a therapist as opposed to presenting them in front of a group. While you will be surrounded by individuals with similar difficulties to the ones you are experiencing, that doesn’t mean you don’t have your own specific problems you want to discuss with someone more directly. We provide you with a minimum of one individual session weekly however, in general people in our program receive 2-3 individual sessions a week to ensure we meet all of the needs of each program participant.

Group Therapy – Group therapy creates a safe environment where patients are able to discuss their issues with peers who are suffering from similar problems and issues. Our process groups lets you gain support and feedback for the various difficulties with which you are struggling. Our psychoeducational and skills building groups let you learn about various topics of interest to individuals struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring problems and the skills to help you maintain your sobriety when you leave our program.

Family Therapy – Family therapy lets family members work together to address any issues within the group that could be creating resentment, confusion or misunderstandings. Family members can discuss their own struggles with the individual’s addiction and gain better understanding of all that their family member has been going through. They will also gain a better understanding of substance abuse, treatment, and what happens after the individual has completed the Residential Program.

Family Workshop – This is a 3 day intensive workshop that educates families about addiction, the treatment process, the specifics of their loved ones experiences and recovery, and the options for after the program. Family dynamics and ways the family can help support the individual to help them maintain sobriety and prevent relapse once they’ve completed their treatment are also discussed.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – CBT is used in order to help patients recognize negative thought patterns, challenge these thoughts and replace them with more adaptive ones leading to more positive emotions and behavioral responses.

Rational-Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) – REBT is similar to CBT, focusing on irrational ways of thinking and working towards helping the individual think in more rational and realistic ways. In addition, individuals practice methods to help them better tolerate strong emotional states that they can’t prevent and to accept things they aren’t able to alter even when they may not seem fair.

Motivation Interviewing – This type of technique focuses on building relationships with the initial relationship being one of safety between the therapist and individual. Once rapport and trust is established the individual is carefully led through Socratic questioning methods to identify positive goals and develop the motivation to take action in order to meet them.

At Acadiana we offer a variety of experiential options in which you can participate. These include:

  • Recreational therapy
  • Nutrition
  • Art therapy
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Vocational planning
  • Meditation
  • Acupuncture

Continuing Care

Klonopin addiction treatment levels and continuing care

As you approach discharge from our Residential program you may find yourself feeling apprehensive about the next step. You’ve done the hardest part by taking the first step and committing to treatment, and begun to face and work through numerous issues related to your substance use problems and related conditions. You opened yourself up to the new and not always comfortable experiences within your treatment process and made goals and plans for the future. Now that it’s time to move on it’s natural to feel apprehensive wondering what comes next and worrying about having to adjust to a new setting and way of doing things.

However, at Acadiana we are concerned with your care on a continuing basis. To that end we have developed two intensive outpatient programs for you to consider as options after you leave our residential program. When it’s time to consider discharge you and your treatment team will work collaboratively on a discharge plan with a detailed formulation of what steps you will take next.

If you feel like you still need the structure of a full time, daily schedule, our Partial Hospitalization Program may be for you. It provides a similar level of services as our residential program. You will participate in individual, group and family therapy sessions using familiar techniques and options for experiential opportunities.

For those who feel that they are ready to re-enter their life and resume fulfilling their daily responsibilities, our Intensive Outpatient Program may be appropriate. It meets 10 hours a week over the course of three nights. The typical duration is five weeks though this can be altered if deemed appropriate.

A Foundation for Recovery

At Acadiana Treatment Center, we aim to help each client attain a thorough understanding of the concerns they're facing and learn how to find relief. Our treatment focuses on thorough education and employs proven methods of individualized treatment.

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Thanks to Acadiana, I am now able to get back to my social and personal circles after they helped me break free from my Klonopin addiction.

– Chris A.
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