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Acadiana Treatment Center helps individuals struggling with Lortab addiction build a strong foundation for long-term recovery. Serving Louisiana, Acadiana is the premier provider of alcohol and drug abuse treatment for adults.

Learn More about Lortab Addiction Recovery

Learn More About Lortab Addiction Recovery at Acadiana Treatment Center

Individuals given Lortab to control pain frequently fail to understand the potential for addiction this drug poses. Many individuals believe that prescription medications that are legally prescribed by a physician can’t be addicting. Thus, when individuals develop a tolerance for the drug it is not unusual for them to fail to recognize the problem initially, believing everything is alright as long as their physician is continuing to prescribe the medication. When they recognize they need increased amount to maintain the desired effect they may find themselves in a bind as their physician may no longer be willing to prescribe the medication especially if they no longer are experiencing the symptoms for which it was originally prescribed. Many people tell us they never thought they would turn to purchasing drugs illegally or become so addicted to one that this seemed like a viable option. When they could no longer obtain the medication legally they turned to illicit methods like buying it on the street or stealing it from friends or family.

We understand how difficult it can be to accept the fact you have an addiction problem and have perhaps begun obtaining the substance through means other than legal prescriptions. Maybe you have experienced rejection by others who have learned about your problem and don’t understand what you are going through. At Acadiana we do understand and are here to help not judge. We can provide a new way of viewing your problem and aid you in gaining understanding as to how your problem developed. We will also work towards repairing any damage the effects of your substance use problems may have led to.

It is also not uncommon for individual with a substance abuse disorder to develop other disorders as well. These may include psychiatric and/or other substance use disorders. This can create a sense of feeling as if your life is out of your control. We can help you regain the confidence needed to regain control and move forward towards a positive and hope filled future.

Why Seek Rehab?

Why Seek Rehab for Lortab Addiction at Acadiana Treatment Center

At Acadiana we are committed to working with you in a collaborative manner reflecting our respect for you as an individual who is currently going through a tough time. We will never define you based on your substance abuse difficulties or any additional difficulties you may be experiencing. We also are aware that sometimes new symptoms or problems you weren’t previously aware of may develop during the course of treatment. Sometimes individuals believe this is because they have internal flaws that can’t be corrected or that it is an indication that they are doing something wrong in treatment. We can reassure you that this is not an unusual occurrence nor does it say anything about your abilities or suggest you may have been born with something that is uncorrectable. To the contrary, when new symptoms appear it often means you are fully engaging in the therapeutic process and opening yourself up to experiencing other issues which may be in need of addressing in order for you to have the positive life you deserve. Regardless of how out of control your life may appear or how hopeless you may feel about improving your future, we can help.

Our Philosophy

Program Philosophy & Benefits of Lortab Addiction Rehab

We recognize that substance abuse affects your ability to cope effectively with life stressors in every area of your life. When we can’t cope with stress it builds up and increasingly effects how we function in day to day activity. If it builds up to a high enough level it can actually prevent us from functioning adaptively in important life areas resulting in the loss of relationships, potential unemployment, financial problems and increasing anxiety over the future. This type of cycle often lead to the increased substance use of the development of additional disorders. We know this can lead to you feeling worthless, helpless, hopelessness, and lacking in self-confidence. That is why at Acadiana we focus not just on your symptoms, but focus on treating you in a manner that allows you to feel respected as well as to regain your sense of dignity which you may feel has been stripped from you. Only when you feel that those around you respect you for who you are, begin to focus on strengths and positive characteristics within yourself can you begin to develop a sense of hope that your life can improve and that you have the capability to beat your disorder. Additionally, we understand that many people with substance use disorders feel estranged from friends and family, a crucial aspect of support that is necessary for complete healing. We believe in including important others in your treatment process to help you re-establish important bonds that can provide you with additional resiliency to stress in the future, establishing additional support, and relationships that can provide you with a sense of fulfillment and enjoyment in life. We also are firmly committed to providing you with a continuity of care so you always feel you have the services needed to pursue and achieve a complete recovery.


Learn About the Treatment Approaches We Use for Lortab Addiction at Acadiana

At Acadiana we are well aware of the importance in using therapeutic approaches that have support as to their effectiveness in helping people recover from their specific disorder/s. We make sure our staff maintains up to date knowledge of the most recent advances in substance abuse treatment and co-occurring disorders. Some of the treatment used at Acadiana include:

Detoxification – We provide medically monitored detox services for those who need it. We provide the services necessary to ensure not only safe withdrawal, but also work to make it as comfortable. Through frequent observation and check-ins we ensure you experience the lowest possible level of withdrawal symptoms while still moving toward completely ridding your body of the toxic substance as quickly as possible.

Individual Therapy – Each participant in the Residential Program receives a minimum of one individual session per week. Recognizing that getting over substance abuse, especially when there are co-occurring conditions, often brings up personal issues individuals usually receive 2-3 sessions as week. Additional sessions may be provided as needed to make sure complete care is provided.

Group Therapy – Group Therapy is an extremely effective modality for substance abuse treatment.  Sometimes it’s the first opportunity for individuals to learn they aren’t the only ones who are experiencing the same problems they are. Process oriented groups provide a chance for individuals to share issues and difficulties with others who have first-hand knowledge of these experiences. Our other type of group programs are psycho-educational groups which provide information about common topic areas and provide the opportunity to teach new skills that can be practiced in a no risk environment while in the program so they can be more easily used in real life situations after discharge.

Family Therapy – Family therapy allows significant others in your life to take part in your recovery effort.  Social and familial support is important not only during rehab, but also can provide a stable support system over the long term. It also allows others to learn more about your illness and experiences. Family members can also share their experiences and reactions to your illness so there is a mutual understanding of each other’s feelings and experiences.

Family Workshop – We provide a three day workshop focusing on the needs of the family. This workshop provides extensive education about the individual’s addiction, co-occurring disorders, treatment plan, and discharge plans. Suggestions are also discussed to help make the home environment more positive in general in regards to each member’s needs.

Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) – REBT focuses on altering irrational thoughts and helping you focus on evaluating situations and events in your life in more accurate and rational ways. In addition, you will learn ways to increase your tolerance for negative emotions and accept previous live events so you can move past them.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – CBT is a type of therapy that focuses on the relationship among your thoughts feelings and behaviors. By focusing on negative thoughts related to your difficulties you will learn how altering these thoughts and replacing them with more positive ones can improve your mood and behavioral reactions.

Using a mix of these types of therapies in different configurations provides the ability to fully individualize your treatment plan to meet your needs and provide the most comprehensive approach to treat your symptoms.

We also offer additional options that provide non-traditional methods or exploring your experiences and working through your emotions. These include:

  • Recreational therapy
  • A.A. and N.A. meetings
  • Nutritionist
  • Art therapy
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Vocational planning
  • Meditation
  • Acupuncture

Continuing Care

Lortab addiction treatment levels and continuing care

At Acadiana we understand the anxiety you may be feeling as the time comes for discharge. However, there is no cause for concern since we will work with you to address any negative emotions impending discharge may engender. We also provide additional options within our treatment system to ensure a smooth transition into whatever next step you and your treatment team decide is the best option.

We offer two intensive outpatient settings where you can continue your recovery efforts. The first is a Partial Hospitalization Process (PHP) which is similar to the Residential Program in terms of the services it offers however they are provided in a less restrictive environment.

We also offer an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program (IOP) which meets in the evenings. This program is designed for individuals who are ready to resume their responsibilities at work and/or home yet still want to participate in treatment to continue to process remaining issues.

While we do not offer traditional outpatient therapy we will provide you with a referral and make sure you have a scheduled appointment.

We want to ensure that you reach your goals and are able to live the life you dream of. To that end we will do everything possible to provide you with the skills and confidence that will allow you to take responsibility for your life, making it into everything you want it to be.

A Foundation for Recovery

At Acadiana Treatment Center, we aim to help each client attain a thorough understanding of the concerns they're facing and learn how to find relief. Our treatment focuses on thorough education and employs proven methods of individualized treatment.

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It was only through the Lortab addiction treatment programs at Acadiana was I able to be drug free. I am now excited to see what life has in store for me now!

– David S.
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