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Acadiana Treatment Center helps individuals struggling with trauma & PTSD build a strong foundation for long-term recovery. Serving Louisiana, Acadiana is the leading provider of trauma & PTSD treatment.

Learn More about PTSD Treatment

Learn More About Treatment for Trauma & PTSD at Acadiana Treatment Center

People who struggle to overcome traumatic events may suffer from flashbacks, terrible memories, and feel as though their life is in constant danger. Others may be emotionally numb and disconnected from loved ones, unable to trust even the most trustworthy individuals. It can take a long time to overcome a traumatic event and begin to feel safe again. Psychological trauma occurs after experiencing a very stressful event that overwhelms feelings of security and view of the world around you. While trauma is a subjective experience, the aftermath of the trauma can take a great deal of time to overcome.

Trauma can occur with or without physical injury; it simply must be an event that overwhelms an individual’s ability to cope. Trauma may develop as a result of a one-time event such as a car accident or natural disaster or it may be the result of ongoing, unrelenting stressors, such as living through domestic violence. Not all individuals will succumb to the aftereffects of trauma, as intense stress is an entirely subjective experience.

Individuals react in different ways to trauma – one should never feel shame for being unable to cope with a traumatic event. It is simply a normal reaction to an abnormal situation. There’s no single “right” or “wrong” way to handle a traumatic event so one should never feel guilt or judgment for reacting in a certain manner.

You can heal from trauma. You’ve survived unimaginable circumstances and are still standing, alive, and breathing. If you’re not coping well with your emotions following a traumatic event, there is not a single thing to be ashamed of – you’re taking great strides to heal from a horrible experience. At Acadiana, we know how hard it is to admit that you’re struggling and we’re ready to help you heal from this once and for all.

Why Seek Treatment

Why Seek Treatment for Trauma & PTSD at Acadiana Treatment Center

The compassionate staff at our treatment center is well-trained to help victims of trauma take the first steps toward healing from a shocking experience. We know that you had no control over what happened to you and that you’re a normal person struggling to make sense of a horrifying experience. We’ll never judge your reactions, your feelings, or your ways of coping – we all do the best we can with what we have. We’re very proud that you’re seeking us out for help and will do everything in our power to help you make sense of what happened to you.

If you’re trying to come to terms with a traumatic event, you may feel isolated and alone; as though no one understands what you are going through. You may lay awake, night after night trying to make sense of what happened to you. You may find that your days are filled with terrifying flashbacks in which you relive the trauma over and over again. Life does not have to be this way. While you will never be the person you were before the trauma, you can get better. Our trauma & PTSD treatment center can help.

Our Philosophy

Program Philosophy & Benefits of Trauma & PTSD Treatment

At Acadiana, we understand that traumatic events affect each person in a different manner. We strive to learn as much about you, the traumatic event, and the ways you’ve been coping with it. We’ll work alongside you to devise a treatment plan that works to help you understand the effects the event had on you, ways you can cope with it, and strategies for handling the symptoms of the aftermath of the trauma.

We know that you need the compassionate care of the staff of Acadiana to help you confront your nightmares and your panic. You need a helping hand to guide you through the hardest of times and someone to stand beside you clapping when you are victorious. We will do our very best to make sure we treat the whole you – mind, body, and spirit.

Treatment Approaches

Learn About the Treatment Approaches We Use for Trauma & PTSD at Acadiana

Upon arriving at Acadiana you will undergo a complete evaluation to determine how trauma has impacted your life. The assessment will look into other co-occurring mental disorders you may be suffering from and establish if other medical attention is necessary. We provide each patient with a full client-centered treatment, aimed at treating all aspects that make you a unique individual. We have different program options designed to meet you where you are in the recovery process. For those who need a mor, intense program we have a residential program that has proved to be very effective. If you have already completed primary care and need to strengthen the skills you’ve already learned, we have an extended residential program.

Clients in our residential program will be medically monitored and supervised 24-hours a day in order to ensure patient safety. The focus of our residential program is to teach those who come to us about what trauma is and enable them to develop the necessary skills to play an active role in their recovery.

After primary care has been completed, many clients opt to enroll in our extended residential care center. We offer male and female extended care programs. Both programs are designed to strengthen the skills learned in their primary treatment program. Our extended care program lasts a minimum of three months and is composed of three distinct phases. Each phase will address and reinforce the skills necessary to cope with trauma.

Each program at Acadiana provides clients a variety of therapeutic approaches to rehab. Some of the techniques we use are:

Individual Therapy – While each member of our program will receive the minimum of one session per week with an individual counselor, however most find that 2-3 sessions a week are more appropriate.

Group Therapy – At Acadiana, we offer a variety of group therapy sessions to allow you to work through your issues in an environment full of the support of your peers. Group sessions are both process and psycho-educational based focused on topics that relate to trauma.

Family Therapy – Trauma affects the whole family and as such, we want to work to help your loved ones to understand how you are feeling and why you are feeling this way. In addition to our 3-day family workshop, individual family sessions are offered to allow our clients the opportunity to teach their family about trauma and recovery.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – CBT is a form of therapy that allows us to help you sort through your negative emotions and thoughts and replace them with more positive ways of viewing the world.

Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy – REBT is a form of therapy that is used to allow you to put past behaviors behind you. This allows you to focus on the future and make changes in your behavior to help you achieve the life you want.

Motivational Interviewing – Our therapists will work with you through a series of questions in order to build a foundation trust. Motivational interviewing seeks to help you learn to change, set goals, and meet them.

In addition to our effective therapeutic treatments, we also offer several experiential opportunities. These may include:

  • A.A. and N.A.
  • Vocational planning
  • Meditation
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Recreational programs
  • Art therapy
  • Spiritual counseling

Continuing Care

Trauma & PTSD treatment levels and continuing care

When your stay with us is complete, we understand that there is still work to be done in order to continue the recovery process. When the trauma program is coming to an end an aftercare plan will be put into place to ensure continuity of care. You will work with your treatment team to establish aftercare goals and to determine the next best step for your treatment.

If you feel you’re ready to be discharged home, we will make sure that you are set up with the appropriate referrals so you have support once you get home. A therapist can help you maintain your recovery and address any issues that arise.

At Acadiana, we have some aftercare programs that have been created to allow you to continue your rehabilitation. Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) that allows for continued daily services provided through individual, group, and family therapy. We also offer an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for individuals who no longer need the structure of an intensive program such as PHP. Clients enrolled in IOP have reached a point in their recovery in which they are able to spend time at home while continuing their rehab. Our IOP offers similar programs to our PHP, but only meets for ten hours a week in the evenings. During your IOP, you’ll be continually assessed and monitored to ensure your rehab is going smoothly and that you are not running into roadblocks.

A Foundation for Recovery

At Acadiana Treatment Center, we aim to help each client attain a thorough understanding of the concerns they're facing and learn how to find relief. Our treatment focuses on thorough education and employs proven methods of individualized treatment.

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After my active duty, I really struggled. My wife was concerned and she knew that I was suffering. She contacted Acadiana and their admissions team gave us a run down of treatment and how I could benefit from it. I made a leap of faith and enrolled. Let me tell you, the program was SO WORTH IT. I feel so much better now and am able to enjoy my life again thanks to the program at Acadiana

– Anonymous Patient
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